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We are delighted to Announce that Stage 2 of Cooloola Waters is now Completed !!!

After nearly 6 months of hard toil, we are delighted to announce that the 9 x new Villa Units comprising stage 2b) and 2c) are now finally completed, and ready for occupancy.

Of the 9 units we have 7 already sold and only 2 remaining to the marketplace, these being being Units 32 & 33, which are pictured in the photo above.

Also, to illustrate the quality of the build, here a few selected photos of the bathroom from Unit 47 from Stage 2b) as well as the kitchen in Unit 37, plus the rear of units 31,32 & 33 which now seamlessly integrate into the existing Village by way of newly layed concrete pathway connections.

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June & Barry
June & Barry
Mar 18, 2023

Crazy Mixed-Up Kids

Like being in a in a lolly shop and jars without lids

They hungered for something those Mixed-Up kids

A cowboy with swimmers and boots for a jig

James Bond wearing shorts, exceptionally big

There were hats back to front, like all rapper’s strut

Dancers with Tutu’s, different shoes on each foot

Spots and stripes and things that don’t mix

As the night came alive with the latest of tricks

The food was no different, it was a mixed-up affair

But we didn’t go hungry, there was plenty to share

As the evening progressed, we got serious to boot

With games and a sing song we all had a hoot!

Our bellies were full and the laughter…

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