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Our Team

At Cooloola Waters, we take pride in our dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about creating a vibrant and fulfilling retirement lifestyle for our residents.

Group CEO

Garys heads up the Cooloola Waters group and is also the managing director the parent company of Pacific Retirement Estates. 

Gary Simonite

Contact Details: 


m: 0438 331 116

Group MD

Group In-House Counsel

Donald provides expert legal guidance and ensures the village adheres to all regulations, allowing you to reside with confidence.


Donald Dickie

Contact Details: 


Our Inhouse Council

Administrator Manager

Belinda leads the administrative team, ensuring smooth operations and providing residents with reliable, friendly, and efficient service.

Belinda Cochrane

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Chief Village Administrator

Village Maintenance Manager

 Bob and his expert team are responsible for maintaining your villa and the entire village in top condition, offering peace of mind and a worry-free environment. If something is wrong, he’ll be right there to sort it out.


Bob Smith

Bob the Maintenance Man

Village Head Groundsman

Rob's skilled team of horticulturists meticulously care for the picturesque landscape, creating a tranquil haven for all residents to enjoy.


Rob Heading

Our Groundsman Extraordinair

Beyond these vital individuals, our team includes skilled receptionists, maintenance technicians, and groundskeeping assistants who work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service and contribute to the overall positive community atmosphere. We believe in collaboration and fostering a genuine connection with each resident, making Cooloola Waters feel like a true home. 

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Cooloola Waters is more than just a retirement village; it's a community where you can truly be yourself.


We invite you to explore our idyllic location, meet our dedicated team, and discover how you can write your next chapter in the beautiful Tin Can Bay area.

Experience the joy of connection, the beauty of nature, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're part of something special.

Contact us today to learn more and discover how you can join our thriving community!

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