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Thank You .... to a Select Group of our Happy Residents!

We recently completed some brand-new video footage about the Village and in particular about the expansion of the Village.

As part of this process, we asked Belinda to hunt around the Village to see if any residents would be prepared to appear in our upcoming video footage, to give their first-hand account how they find living at Cooloola Waters RV.

Most fortunately for us, we had several residents who were happy to assist by appearing in our Testimonial Video, which we scheduled for shooting on a recent Saturday afternoon.

This Blog is really just to thank these residents, who I won't name for personal privacy reasons, who provided their time and gave to the general public outside the Village, and hopefully to prospective new residents, their heartfelt feelings about be a Cooloola Waters Resident.

Thank you all, we really do appreciate your time, and most importantly, your honest feedback!!!

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