In line with the original late 1980's Concept Plan designed by the the Village's original founder, Dr Peter Martin, the current Village Operators are delighted to announce that the original Re-Development Plan for this Cooloola Waters Retirement Village has now been approved by the Residents.

In addition, the Operators have been working closely with Gympie Shire Council to finalise the current approvals for Stages 2c & 3 of the project and we are planning for the construction of these stages to commence very soon.


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Screenshot 2022-06-22 121514.jpg

                       CONTRACT  STATUS - Stage 2C

Villa 31                                  Villa 35 - Deposit Taken 
Villa 32                                  Villa 36
Villa 33 
- Deposit Taken       Villa 37 - Deposit Taken
Villa 34 - Deposit Taken       Villa 38 - Deposit Taken 




At this stage we can cofirm that the anticipated works accociated for Stages 2c will commence within 30 - 60 days time.


Stage 2c will yeild anohter 8 x units in total to the Village, while Stage 3c will yield a further 30 x units to be built across 3 x sub-stages. 

In regards to Stage 3, we are currently working through the Operational Works phase which follows on from the updated 2013 DA. Assuming Council's continued support with turning around the Operational Works application, we expect that Stage 3a will commence in late August / early September.

Apart from the proposed new unit development there are always opportunities to purchase existing units within the Village when their current owners decide to sell-up.


As part of our commitment to the local market we will keep a list of all unit leasehold sales on this web-site as soon as they are ready to go to market.