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                                     Lifestyles & Activities                                 

Engage in a diverse calendar of optional activities and events, designed to cater to various interests and preferences:

Here's a glimpse into our community calendar:

Social Gatherings

Enjoy shared meals like "Quay Carlo" breakfasts, potlucks, and themed events like St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Let's Do Lunch

Connect with neighbours over midday meals at local restaurants.

Club Activities

Discover shared passions through clubs focused on hobbies like fishing and golf, along with crafts, reading, games, and more.

Carpool Outings

Explore nearby gems like Hervey Bay and Gympie with fellow residents.

Monthly Residents Meetings

Stay informed and have your voice heard on community matters.

Beyond organised events, our community spirit shines through casual conversations by the pool, impromptu gatherings, and a warm atmosphere that encourages connection.

That’s not all though, with golf, fishing, gardening, and hiking opportunities available year-round too!

Remember, participation is always optional, we always value your individual need for privacy and relaxation.

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