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About Us

Cooloola Waters Retirement Village



Nestled in the center of Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Waters Retirement Village offers direct access to the foreshore and bay, featuring pristine picnic spots, scenic walking trails, birdwatching paths, and a convenient boat ramp. Just a brief stroll away lies the town's shopping center, home to the local IGA, Post Office, and a variety of retail stores. A recent enhancement to the community is the introduction of a top-tier medical facility, serving residents seven days a week.



Typically, homes are acquired through a 99-year Lease registered under your name(s). Comprehensive details are recorded in the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water database. Your lease on the title is safeguarded by a statutory Government charge placed on the Retirement Village land, ensuring full protection.


Capital Gains

You are entitled to 100% of any capital gain upon the sale of your Unit.


Community Facilities

The Village offers a range of amenities, including a spacious clubhouse, a diverse library, a pool table, a comfortable lounge area, a dance floor, a fully equipped commercial kitchen, and a manager's office. Additionally, residents can enjoy a heated pool, an outdoor exercise area, a pool and spa, a BBQ entertainment space, and a croquet lawn. For those inclined toward crafts, there's a large work shed/ craft area complemented by meticulously landscaped gardens. This village stands out as one of Queensland's pioneering green start style developments, emphasising security, privacy, and optimal utilisation of common areas and facilities. These features contribute to an appealing lifestyle tailored for retirees.



The Village Management oversees the upkeep of Common Facilities, Common Areas, Residents' lawns, gardens, and the exteriors of homes. Detailed information regarding maintenance can be found in the current Public Information Document (PID) for the Village. Maintenance expenses are funded through the General Services Fee (GSF) and Maintenance Contribution Funds (MCF).


Cooloola Waters RV - Fees Overview

General Services Fund Charge (GSF)

Currently $421.00 per calendar month. In all retirement villages the Residents contribute to the overall costs of maintaining and operating the village.

At Cooloola Waters, these costs are apportioned to each residence on an equal share basis by way of a charge known as the GSF.


     Maintenance Reserve Fund Charge (MRF)

Currently $255.00 per calendar month. This fee is your contribution to the maintenance of your home and common facilities of the Village.

At Cooloola Waters, these costs are apportioned to each residence on an equal share basis by way of a charge known as the MRF.

Capital Reserve Fund Charge (CRF)

Currently 2.5% of the capital value of the Lease Purchase. This 'Once-Off' CRF fee payable in advance at the time of settlement of your new Unit.

These fees are held by us for Capital Replacement Works.


Deferred Management Fee (DMF)

YEAR 1 - 10% of Resale value

YEAR 2 - 20% of Resale value

YEAR 3 - 25% of Resale Value (Capped)


The Seller pays a DMF at the time of resale, along with Unit Marketing, Legal & Refurbishment Costs, (if applicable). The DMF is also set out in the Public Information Document (PID) current at the time a home is purchased.


The Development of a successful Retirement Village involves considerable capital expenditure and upkeep of common facilities and units; hence the DMF supplements these on-going costs but in the interests of Resident's all DMFs if is deferred to a Resident's ultimate exit from the Village.

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