Cooloola Waters Retirement Village - Overview



Cooloola Waters Retirement Village is situated in the heart of Tin Can Bay across the road from the foreshore and bay that are complete with clean & tidy picnic areas, walking trail, bird watching walk and boat ramp. It is only a short walk to the town shopping centre, which includes an IGA, the Tin Can Bay PO as well as numerous retail shops.



Generally speaking our homes are purchased by way of a 99-year Lease registered in your name(s) and visible on the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water database. Your lease on the title is also fully protected by a statutory Government charge over the Retirement Village land.


Capital Gains

You are entitled to 100% of any capital gain upon sale of your Unit.


Community Facilities

The Village's community facilities consist of a large clubhouse with a well-stocked library, pool table, auditorium, indoor bowls, lounge area, commercial kitchen, manager’s office, exercise area, and dance floor plus a heated indoor pool, outdoor pool and spa with entertainment area, large work shed/craft area, and croquet lawn. Apart from that, the Village has well-established gardens with attractive landscaping. This Village is one of the first Greenstreet style developments in Queensland. This style of development maximises security, privacy with optimum use of the Common Areas and Common Facilities helping to provide an attractive lifestyle for retirees.



Village management carries out maintenance of the Common Facilities, Common Areas, Resident’s lawns and gardens and the exterior of resident’s homes. Please refer to the current Public Information Document for the Village for more specific details. The cost of performing the maintenance is covered by the general service fee and maintenance contribution funds.



  • General Service Charge - As is the case in all retirement villages, residents contribute to the overall costs of maintaining and operating the Village. At Cooloola Waters, these costs are apportioned to each residence on an equal share basis by way of a charge known as the General Services Fee.

  • Maintenance Reserve Fund - This is a fee where you contribute to the maintenance of your home and the common facilities of the village. 

  • Exit Fee - The seller pays the Exit Fee at the time of resale of the home. The amount payable is set out in the Public Information Document current at the time the home was purchased by the seller. The development of a Retirement Village involves considerable capital expenditure on common facilities, a cost that is not recoverable within the price structure of the homes. The Exit Fee, therefore, meets these costs without involving a drain on the weekly income of residents.