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                                                Our History                                               

Travel back to the vibrant 1990s, when Cooloola Waters Retirement Village first opened its doors, offering a tranquil haven for residents seeking a fulfilling retirement amidst the stunning landscapes of Tin Can Bay. Building upon the town's rich history and natural beauty, the village quickly became a cherished part of the community, fostering connections and enriching lives.

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tin can bay.jpeg

Over the years, we've continuously evolved, guided by the vision of our founders and the collective spirit of our residents. In recent times, Cooloola Waters has undergone an unprecedented modernisation and expansion, embracing contemporary living standards while preserving the core values that have always defined us: community, connection, privacy, and respect for the environment.

Today, Cooloola Waters proudly stands as a testament to this ongoing journey. We're not just a retirement village; we're a thriving community woven into the fabric of Tin Can Bay's past, present, and future. Our modern villas and facilities offer comfortable living and convenience, while the timeless charm of our seaside location inspires a sense of peace and connection.

Cooloola Waters invites you to become part of our story. Nestled amidst the timeless beauty of Tin Can Bay, we offer a haven where you can connect with like-minded individuals, pursue your

passions, and discover new adventures. Come experience the warmth of our community, the charm of our surroundings, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're part of something special.

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