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QUESTION: What is the age limit for residents?

ANSWER: Residents must be 55 years or over.

QUESTION: Must the unit be permanently occupied?

ANSWER: No. The unit can be left vacant. Your unit continues to receive full supervision & maintenance. (GSF and CMF must continue to be paid.)

QUESTION: How secure is the tenure?

ANSWER: The title is registered with the lands titles office & is protected by a statutory government.

QUESTION: What happens to my unit when I die?

ANSWER: Your unit becomes part of your estate.

QUESTION: Can I sell the unit at any time?


QUESTION: When the unit is sold, does the company charge levies? (Deferred management fees)?

ANSWER: As of 1st January 2022, the exit fee is capped at 25%, with 10% the first year, 10% second year and 5% third year.

QUESTION: Is there any protection against excessive rise in the fees?

ANSWER: Yes. The weekly service fee is “pegged” to the CPI, reviewed annually (March of each year), & CANNOT increase more than the CPI with exceptions made for wages, insurance, or rates.

QUESTION: Can I have relatives and friends stay?

ANSWER: Friends and family are more than welcome (to a maximum of 14 days unless agreed by management).

QUESTION: Can I have a pet?

ANSWER: Yes, only one pet per unit, at the discretion of the manager.

QUESTION: What medical facilities are available?

ANSWER: A medical centre is a 5-minute walk. Pathology, dentist, dieticians, naturopath are also available. A volunteer run organisation (Cooloola Medical Transport) provides transport by appointment to hospitals and specialist services from Hervey Bay through to Brisbane.

QUESTION: What aging in place does the Village have?

ANSWER: Care services are provided in the village by our inhouse care company (Guardian Angels at Home).

QUESTION: What is the role of the village manager?

ANSWER: Ensure the village runs smoothly for all residents.

QUESTION: Can I access care services in my unit?


QUESTION: What happens if I can no longer live independently?

ANSWER: If your nominated Care Provider can no longer support you, will help you transition into a residential care.

QUESTION: Can I make changes/modifications to my unit?

ANSWER: No structural changes may be made without written permission from the village manager.

QUESTION: What happens if there is a maintenance issue in my unit?

ANSWER: A written maintenance request is required for our onsite maintenance manager to organise repairs for you.

QUESTION: Do I get a say in what happens at the village?

ANSWER: Yes, it is important to us that we consult with all residents in running the village.

QUESTION: Can the village operator terminate my residence contract?

ANSWER: Yes, this is a very difficult process and not something that is done lightly and only after formal mediation.

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