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Village Maintenance Update - June 2022

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Great news for Residents !! ... We have now commenced the fence refurbishment / replacement process within the Lot 1 precinct.

This is an initiative being led by our new Maintenance Man Bob , and if you happen to see him lurking around your front door, please don't be worried he is there to replace and upgrade your boundary fencing.

Further information on the process can be obtained through the Village office.


Gary Simonite

Director of Administration

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June & Barry
June & Barry
16 jul 2022

Good news! Nicole is refferred to as ‘Wonder Women’. it would be good if the Residents could meet with other Director/Owners at Xmas in July. Hope to see you then! 🎄🎅🥂

Me gusta

June & Barry
June & Barry
13 jun 2022

Thanks for the update Gary! Have met Bob and he fits in really well!

Me gusta
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