Construction Commencing Soon!

Looking East to Toolara Rd

Just to let everyone know, we should have our construction fencing in place by the end of this week which we hope will enable an orderly management of the flow of building contractors onto Lots 3 & 4 during construction.

The fencing runs around the end of the Village block on Toolara Rd, then all the way down to the next corner where Coral Trout Drive enters from Toolara Rd, and then from there all the way down to a new gate we will install just in front of the water catchment which lies just adjacent to the wooded areas, still within Lot 4.

All labour and materials costs for this fencing barrier were paid from our Holding / Development Company, and not from any Retirement Village operations or maintenance account monies.

These fences will of course be removed gradually once each stage of the new development plan has been completed, and we hope their presence will enable a smooth development process keeping contractors away from the main Village areas.

A special thanks to Rob our Gardening King for his kind assistance with this installation process.

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