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Bollywood Luncheon

What a wonderful lunch shared yesterday celebrating 'Bollywood'.

There was plenty of colour, a wonderful variety of food and lots of conversation.

Trivia and raffles, always part of the fun, made it yet another day to remember! The photos tell the story!

Lunch with the Lads is a special treat. The ladies get waited upon and don't have to prepare, cook or wash up!

This must be a first in any Retirement Village !

(June Griffiths -

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June & Barry
June & Barry
Mar 18, 2023


Around it came again St Patricks Day 2023. Residents came

wearing sily hats, bow ties, and an abundance of green attire. The

clubhouse was filled with bright happy smiling faces all ready and

willing to join in the fun.

We tested our knowledge of Ireland with trivia, Tirteen (13) being the number

of questions! One team actually got tirteen (13) out of tirteen (13) “to be sure”

“to be sure”.

We had a sing song of the Black Velvet Band which was out of sinc with the

music and video (very irish of course). However, we all managed the chorus at

the same time! A great music playlist created by Al & Bronwen.

The food once…

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