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Stage 2 c) - Works Update

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

We are very happy to report that progress on the latest stage of the Village reached its first major milestone on Friday last, with the first of the concrete slab and footings being put in place for the proposed new Villa Duplex, being Villas Numbers 37 + 38.

Additionally, we should complete the second concrete slab with footings in place by mid-week this week for the proposed new second Duplex, comprising Villa numbers 35 & 36.

As a result, we have now ordered the bricks for Villas 37 & 38 with the order to be scheduled for delivery early next week so we can commence the building stage. Several photos of the current work in progress from Friday last are below.

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June & Barry
June & Barry
Aug 08, 2022

Great news all round especially for new incoming Residents. It is good to see that things are moving forward for all involved. 'One Day at a Time'.

As Residents we look forward to new life and good energy embracing new friends into "Our Little Village". The 'vibes' are positive and the timing 'just' right' so roll on new beginnings.

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