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Video Transcript

Welcome to Cooloola Waters again. Come with me and I will show you through the clubhouse.

This is the auditorium. It has a stage and screen and musical instruments for our get-togethers. It has a parquetry floor and so is used occasionally for dancing. It is also used for social functions, community dinners, meetings, indoor bowls and games of darts.

This is the library where you can borrow a wide selection of donated books.

This is the kitchen, which is used for preparing village dinners and
Tuesday morning teas.

This is the computer room where you can browse the internet & read and send emails to family and friends.

This is the lounge where you can watch TV or DVDs or play cards or pool with your neighbours and friends.

This is the heated indoor pool. It is kept clean with an ozone system instead of chlorine, so there is no irritation from chlorine or salt in the pool. There are toilets and showers adjacent.

The Manager’s office is next to where you are standing now.

The outdoor pool and spa, BBQ and entertainment area are used regularly by residents in the warmer weather.

Want to make something or spend some more time with your mates? Then the workshop is the perfect place to do it.

There is a small boat/van storage area available. Secure lock up storage is available commercially in town. A croquet lawn near the pools is also used regularly.

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